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Cute Little Pot Clips

  28/05/11 04:59, by , Categories: Tools, Novelties

Another innovation that will get your attention and you might be asking the same question that I did when I first saw this gadget. It is small clip with a supine letter C on the top. It is a pot clip. What does it do?

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Electric Kitchen Knives

  24/05/11 20:00, by , Categories: Tools, Knives

Christmas, New Year and parties are the busiest day that you might have in the kitchen. You will sometimes spend most of your time for preparation and cooking. After that serving your visitors will be your next task and I bet you are already exhausted by hours in the kitchen. But wait you still need to slice up your turkey or your prepared meat and serve it on the table too. Slicing seems to be an easy job but you’re wrong. It is one of the hardest tasks that you will be doing. You might end up wrestling with your meat. Even though your knife is sharp enough to cut through the meat it still needs effort and energy to complete the whole slicing and cutting process. It will be better if you can just switch your knife on and it will do wonders.

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Knives companion: Knife Sharpener

  11/05/11 13:48, by , Categories: Tools, Knives

A kitchen won’t be a kitchen if without a knife in it. Knives have an essential job in the kitchen. It is the likely used material in preparing food. Having it in good shape and functional would make your cooking quick and easy. Imagine yourself working with a blunt old knife. Can you picture yourself with that twisted face and sweat streaking on your forehead? That would be an everyday scenario if you don’t have your knife sharp enough to do its job.

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Heat Resistant Silicon Spatulas

  04/05/11 15:00, by , Categories: Tools, Spatulas, Silicone

There are different kinds of spatulas that you can use for cooking. They have their unique aspects that you can take advantage of. We have the metal spatulas, wooden spatulas and rubber spatulas. Metal spatulas are good in durability but can damage non-stick cookware because of its hard and sharp surface. Wood spatulas are made to avoid scratching your non-stick pans but using wood spatulas more often than not don’t last that long. So rubber spatulas are invented. Using rubber on heated pans can melt and damage the pan too when melted rubber sticks to the pan. It is good thing to know that there is a newly develop spatulas that are made of silicone materials.

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Steak Knives

  04/05/11 14:00, by , Categories: Tools, Knives

Having a nice set of knives in your kitchen is a good investment. It could always be a big help having them handy every time you will have a steak party or just preparing your everyday meals. A steak knife is one of the expensive knives we have there out in the market. Making sure that we can use them for long term is what any housekeeper wants. How can we make sure that these knives will last long which they supposed to be?

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