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Silicone Pans – Modern Baking Ware

  04/05/11 14:48, by , Categories: Bakeware, Silicone

The traditional way of baking a muffin, cake or cupcakes are by molding them in an aluminum pan. They have different sizes and shapes. 4 to 6 pans in every mixture or batter of baking materials are enough. You need to prepare your batter then grease on your pan. Grease it with butter or oil sprays to avoid sticking batter on your pan. Taking them out is a challenge as well even though they are greased on. When you take them out, there will be leftovers on your pan. These hard ways can be eased by using a light-weight and non-stick silicon pans.

Many consumers think that if they try to use the silicone pans they might get disappointed. It might melt or it might have rubber smell or taste on food. It might not last long and many other hesitations. Actually silicone pans are best alternative of paper or muffin sheets or parchment. You can contribute in saving trees by not using papers anymore but use silicone instead. Silicone won’t melt because it can resist up to 220 degrees of heat making it more suitable for ovens and microwave ovens. It is non-stick so no need to worry about it imparting taste and smell on your baking. Greasing your silicone pan is not necessary anymore. You just have to let your muffins or cake cool after getting it out of the oven and then just gently twist it to let your cake out. It is flexible that makes it easy to get it out.

Don’t be afraid to try new things like those cool silicone pans out there in the market. They have different colors and different designs. There designs like heart shapes, butterfly shapes clover circles with different edges and a lot more. Your can choose form variety of sizes too. There are also silicone mats, loaf pan, muffin and cake pans that are made of silicone.

Cleaning won’t be that hard. Clean cloth, water and dishwashing liquid (or even  soap) are enough to make them good as new. It is also dishwasher friendly. When storing them it will be nicer if it is in glass cabinets that will be visible to add decorations in your kitchen. It is more expensive than metal pans and baking ware but it is high quality that can guarantee you that it will last long, maybe for several years.

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