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Knives companion: Knife Sharpener

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A kitchen won’t be a kitchen if without a knife in it. Knives have an essential job in the kitchen. It is the likely used material in preparing food. Having it in good shape and functional would make your cooking quick and easy. Imagine yourself working with a blunt old knife. Can you picture yourself with that twisted face and sweat streaking on your forehead? That would be an everyday scenario if you don’t have your knife sharp enough to do its job.

Cutting almost all of your ingredients by knife would make its blade dull. The usage of knife incorrectly could damage the blade too. It will be serrated even though it is plain flat and sharp. Serrated knives on the other hand can loose the edges if used in things that it is not intended for. It will make your life in the kitchen miserable and you will end up buying a brand new knife.

Used knives can be sharpened provided it will be sharpen correctly. Looking for the best knife sharpener is a challenge. There a lot of knife sharpener out there in the market. If you are going to use the one stone sharpener, it probably sharpened unevenly since you can’t sharpen them both sides at the same time. Your force might be harder that the other side that could give the blade unbalance angle. Two stoned knife sharpener will make the job well done. You just have to put your knife in the middle of the stones and hold the handle. The sharp edge should be turned down. You have to smoothly run your knife constantly in it. Make sure to hold it firmly and not let it slip. It might hurt you or the other people that are with you.

A Knife sharpener should be always present in any kitchen but maintaining your blades doesn’t require you to always sharpen you knives. They might loose their thickness and durability. Use chopping boards that would not damage your knives so that you will not need to sharpen often. Plastic chopping boards doesn’t have a soft surface. Lot of force is given to the knife and it will hit hard surface and that will greatly affect the edged of a knife. Unlike using a wooden chopping board where in your knife would dig in the surface if you are going to hit it.

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