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Heat Resistant Silicon Spatulas

  04/05/11 15:00, by , Categories: Tools, Spatulas, Silicone

There are different kinds of spatulas that you can use for cooking. They have their unique aspects that you can take advantage of. We have the metal spatulas, wooden spatulas and rubber spatulas. Metal spatulas are good in durability but can damage non-stick cookware because of its hard and sharp surface. Wood spatulas are made to avoid scratching your non-stick pans but using wood spatulas more often than not don’t last that long. So rubber spatulas are invented. Using rubber on heated pans can melt and damage the pan too when melted rubber sticks to the pan. It is good thing to know that there is a newly develop spatulas that are made of silicone materials.

Silicone spatulas are non-stick like rubber ones.  It won’t melt if you’re going to dip in boiling water or use it directly on a heated pan. It has great resistance on heat. The softness of the material, like the rubber will let your non-stick pan functional without having it scraped and damaged. Ensuring your kitchenware don’t spoil other kitchenware is good housekeeping way.  If you are also looking for spatulas that are durable and can last long then it’s better to have silicone spatulas as your choice.

Silicone spatulas are the right tool for mixing both wet mixtures and dry mixtures especially in baking. Since it’s flexible and durable it can be use for mixing mixtures and scrapping mixing bowl for the leftovers. It will surely get even the last few drops in your mixing bowl.

Owning one or two silicone spatulas are enough for you to enjoy hassle free baking and cooking. They don’t have a huge selection of sizes but that is just fine because you won’t need a set anyways. They aren’t like measuring spoons or cups that needs to have every single measure to be present and have to be in a set.

Cleaning them won’t be a hideous task for a cook.Hot  water and detergent will take out the grease and dirt in your spatula. Using your fingers in rubbing your spatulas will be better rather than using rough sponge. It might embed scratches on your spatulas. Don’t soak your spatulas in water. Spatulas’ handles are not durable at it may seems. If there will come a time that you need to purchase a new silicone spatula more or less it is because of your broken handle.

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