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Cute Little Pot Clips

  28/05/11 04:59, by , Categories: Tools, Novelties

Another innovation that will get your attention and you might be asking the same question that I did when I first saw this gadget. It is small clip with a supine letter C on the top. It is a pot clip. What does it do?

You can clip it on the lip of your pot and put your spoon on it to let your spoon drip directly on the pot not on your stove or anywhere. Nice right. It could help in maintaining your kitchen clean and tidy. Its better to have your “spoon drips” go directly to the pot than following all your traces by your drips. Wiping them away is sometimes not easy. Some drips that fell on the stove could get dry and will stain which is hard to remove. Wiping it once won’t work. You need to wipe it several times with soap and water to get rid of it. But if you have the pot clip, this task will get crossed out on your list.

There are times when I am cooking; I tend to misplace my spoon. My food gets over cooked because of me looking all around the kitchen for the spoon. How funny am I? Now this will really help me cook food without overcooking it. It will have a definite place where I will put my spoon which is on the pot clip. Whenever I need my spoon, its there and it is easy to find.

The pot clip is made of silicon and stainless steel. The silicon is heat resistant that will not let your spoon gets hot enough for you can’t even touch it. The silicone can resist up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit. It won’t burn your hands anymore when you reach for your spoon even though it is just around the stove. Another good about silicone is that it is easy to clean and you can have it inside your dishwasher too.

This  pot clips won’t give you a headache looking for a place where you are going to store it. Because of its size, it can be placed in your drawers. It also has different colors that can be match to your pot’s handle if it has color or match it to your kitchen decorations. It is not that expensive but can give convenience in exchange. Buying one will not hurt your pocket.

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