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Different Kinds of Mixing Bowls

  12/05/11 15:00, by , Categories: Bakeware, Kitchenware, Bowls

We can do a lot of things using our mixing bowls. We can create our batter, mix our salad, beat eggs and anything that needs mixing. We can also use a regular bowl but then the mixing bowl is deep enough to not let your food spill out. There are a lot of varieties of mixing bowl around the market. They have their own uniqueness and qualities. There are mixing bowls made of glass, plastic and silicone.

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Silicone Pans – Modern Baking Ware

  04/05/11 14:48, by , Categories: Bakeware, Silicone

The traditional way of baking a muffin, cake or cupcakes are by molding them in an aluminum pan. They have different sizes and shapes. 4 to 6 pans in every mixture or batter of baking materials are enough. You need to prepare your batter then grease on your pan. Grease it with butter or oil sprays to avoid sticking batter on your pan. Taking them out is a challenge as well even though they are greased on. When you take them out, there will be leftovers on your pan. These hard ways can be eased by using a light-weight and non-stick silicon pans.

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